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Start on your path to better health with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This premium quality hyperbaric chamber comes with everything you need. The air compressor, oxygen concentrator and chamber are all included in this package. Setup is easy, simply unbox the components, connect the air lines and insert the metal frame with connectors, insert the mattress and chamber bumpers and you're ready to go! This chamber has penty of room, being 28" accross means that you won't be cramped into a tight space. You can stretch out, roll onto your stomach or lay on your side. Take your iPad or laptop in and watch a movie or just a blanket and pillows for a restful nap. Small children love being able to go into the chamber with their parent, this chamber comes with a tandum oxygen line so two people can use the chamber at one time. The best hyperbaric sessions are when you can relax and be mindful of your breathing. Slow, deep relaxing breaths allow your cells to get the maximum benefits. Children respond astonishingly well to increased oxygne levels from hyperbaric therapy. Their developing brain soaks up the oxygen, increasing thier capacity for learning. Parents have seen their children improve in school, sports and in their musical talents. They also notice their children have better behavior, their mood improves as well as their overall health. You'll be able to have a medical grade hyperbaric chamber right in the comfort of your own home. Being able to get this amazing treatment anytime without leaving the comfort of your own home is priceless! No more scheduling appointments, driving accross town and having to worry about COVID-19 restrictions, just get in and zip up! Treatments can be done for 60-90 minutes twice daily for the first 30 days to saturate every cell in your body with lifesaving oxygen. Studies show that after the first three, 60 minute sessions new neurons (brain cells) begin to grow. After six, 60 minute sessions new stem cells beging to develop and mobilize to begin rapid healing. After thirty, 60 minute sessions the mitochondria inside cells begin to heal and produce more energy. The benefits only continue from there and get better with every session. Getting 40 hours of treatment in the chamber within 30 days gives you maximum benefit, from there you can maintain your progress by doing two sessions a week or more. Having your own chamber allows you to get the maxium benefits from this amazing therapy. There are over 12,000 studies that have been done on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, get your chamber and get started today!!!

28" Hyperbaric Chamber 1.5ATA

SKU: 0037
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